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Core values are the things we care about. Jack Fallon has based the foundation of his company, Total Life Changes (TLC), on his personal core values. Jack wants to share with others how these seven core values became the driving force of how he lives his life and manages his company. Each chapter highlights one core value and provides insight into his life, the people who mean the most to him, along with the journey to get him where he is today. Jack hopes to inspire others by sharing his personal story. His goal is to encourage people to embrace the TLC core values as a way to improve or change their own lives. Jack is a passionate leader who is always hungry for more. His joyful soul motivates people, and his laughter is contagious.

Believe In More will be available for purchase in late 2020.


“This retelling of how Jack Fallon has accomplished so much in his efforts to give others more is a motivational Godsend. Putting faith and family first, Jack explains how anyone from anywhere can make their work ethic work for them in wonderful ways if they only remember what’s important: showing up, working hard and inspiring everyone around while making sure they too live a good life.”

Gabriel SilverioBarista

“This memoir, like Jack Fallon’s career, transcends what you’d expect in an average retelling of someone’s life. “Believe in More” is a heartfelt story of how to build an empire from the ground up, and the perfect diagram for accomplishing your life’s goals.”

Ayo OgunseiLife Changer

“I’ve heard Jack speak and have long been a fan of his work ethic and his belief in everyone whose life he touches. His agenda has always been to teach everyone else how to reach the mountaintop. And his motivation is that he never wants to fail at that. “Believe in More” is the ultimate motivational speech.”

Bruce MarsInterior Decorator

“Giving something greater than people expect is one of Jack Fallon’s foundations of success, and one of his most humanitarian gifts. His memoir is striking in its emotional pull – family and faith and letting the people around you lift you up – and its ability to clearly light the path to making a great living while helping others do the same.”

Shelly JohnsonMarketing Team Lead


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